Carpet Installation

We're proud to offer carpet installation to the Battle Creek & Urbandale, MI, area. 

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In-Home Measure

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Before Carpet Installation

Use this as a guideline for your pre-installation checklist:

  • Existing flooring removal (if needed) and disposal will be discussed prior to installation.
  • We ask that the homeowner or contractor is present on the first day we begin.  This allows us to discuss any questions regarding installation, house access, etc. There must be an adult present if minors are in the home. Pets will need to be kept in a safe and secure location.
  • Remove all personal items, electronics, appliances and furniture from space being worked on.


During Carpet Installation | Battlecreek Tile & Mosaic

During Installation

This is a guideline on what you could expect during your installation:

  • Your existing flooring will be removed (if needed) and/or prepped to receive new flooring.
  • Installation method will vary based on material selected- this should be discussed with your salesperson.
  • The crew will install necessary transitions and re-tuck carpet (if necessary).
  • Upon completion, we will clean-up work area and dispose of trash.
After Carpet Installation | Battlecreek Tile & Mosaic

After Installation

Guideline for post installation:

  • Follow proper care & maintenance guidelines per the manufacturer.
  • Stay in touch with your salesperson with any questions about your new flooring.
  • Enjoy your beautiful new floors!